Privacy is of great concern to Xcovery. We try to extend to our website visitors the same level of privacy that we demand from other websites.

We will not sell, trade, exchange or otherwise make available any personally identifiable information to any other company or organization not directly affiliated with Xcovery.

Traffic Analysis

Xcovery uses software programs to analyze traffic to this website. These programs collect aggregate data, not personal information.


Xcovery may offer visitors the ability to sign up for email newsletters and announcements. We will never sell your email address or share it with anyone else not directly affiliated with Xcovery.


Xcovery uses cookies on this website, but only in relation to log analysis and forms completion, and to aid in your ease of use. We do not track individual users.


Inquiry forms, such as information requests, or site registration, collect information that is securely stored and that will be used only to direct you to the resources you seek. This may include follow-up by one of our associates to answer questions you may have.

Links to Other Sites

The Xcovery website contains links to other websites and Internet resources. Xcovery is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these other websites and Internet resources.

Questions and Concerns

Questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to